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About ISL

ISL design and manufacture switchboard and switchgear solutions for industrial sites across New Zealand.

ISL supply electrical switchboards for every sector of industry throughout New Zealand.

With a growing reputation for innovation and quality, ISL are fully equipped to respond to complex industry power projects or problems. What sets ISL apart is our enduring commitment to excellence along with our extensive design and build capabilities inhouse.

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ISL are experts in switchboard manufacturing.

Our knowledge is sought after by organisations who have installed switchboards that sadly fail to meet the minimum industry standard or are constructed to the lowest standard possible. Unfortunately, this exposes the site and production to breakdowns, malfunction or in a worst-case situation fire. Many electricians lack the specialised experience and knowledge assessing an industrial electrical switchboard accurately. With ISL on board you can rely on us to get it right.

Flexible Design

A common mistake by switchboard designers is failing to consider fully the client’s growing needs in pursuit of offering the cheapest price to attain the contract. Unfortunately, these switchboards fail to meet or soon fall short of the clients' requirements.

Expensive modifications (or total replacement) are often necessary to satisfy production growth, site upgrade or expansion.

Switchboard Framing
Industrial Switchboard Design


ISL believe in taking a more considered approach - we build with the future in mind.

From the start, ISL design and construct switchboards around your specific requirements – both current and in the not-so-distant future – ensuring a longer life is part of the intrinsic design and planning. A long-term view is critical to ensuring capital expenditure is maximised and not made redundant if a site’s power requirements change.


Our ethos is about thinking smarter, adding value over a long term.

The cost of terminating switchboards mostly lies with the electrician / labour. This is often a time consuming, expensive process if a poor and inflexible design has been installed by the switchboard builder. Quality considered design from ISL provides a more enduring and elegant solution which will save time for the electrician and ensuring a better result for the client to achieve their goals.

Industrial Switchboard Design Flexability
Switchboard Health and Safety

Health and Safety

ISL operate an extensive Health and Safety regime in accordance with the Health and Safety at Works Act 2015.

We have an extensive training programme in place that all new staff and trainee apprentices undertake as well as refresher courses for existing staff. An awareness and adherence to Health and Safety underpins our daily activities at ISL. We have an excellent safety record with no major events recorded and constantly review our operation and processes to ensure our employees and site visitors stay safe on site.

Quality Management Systems

ISL aim for and deliver the highest quality switchboard products built to a high standard of design and workmanship.

To achieve this goal ISL employ a stringent quality management system throughout the life of the project process. The pursuit of quality and design excellence is elevated at every point from design through to manufacture and install.

Industrial Switchboard Build Quality

ISL supply industrial switchgear and control systems for many of New Zealand’s largest facilities including power stations, wastewater treatment plants and dairy factories.